Chemical Physicaltreatment plants

The purpose of chemical physical plants is that of purifying waste water containing surfactants, cleansers, hydrocarbons, varnish, heavy metals, emulsions, etc., resulting from different processing techniques (e.g. from car wash facilities, textile plants, precision engineering works). If necessary, such water must undergo primary sedimentation and oil separation before being directed to the plant.

The systems are made up of a stainless steel or PVC container composed of:

  1. an upper hopper-bottom tank to enable sludge separation
  2. a lower section holding the filter sacks
  3. an auger valve for dispensing reagent powder
  4. an agitator
  5. the control panel

Operating principle

According to operating cycle, the water to be treated is directed to the plant by means of a loading pump set in a dedicated upstream tank. The plant upper collection chamber fills up by o perating the auger valve, which dispenses a set quantity of powder, and the agitator, which rapidly mixes the fluid. When the polluting substances come in contact with the reagent powder they form flakes that precipitate in the form of sludge. The clarified water flows out along a spillway and is directed to the drain, while sludge is collected in filter sacks and disposed of as waste.

Running and maintenance and operation versatility

Such plants employ the same powder flocculant for the majority of waste water types. Special reagents and custom plants are designed for water containing highly concentrated or non-standard pollutants. The plants are fully automated and can be fitted with an upstream equalization tank to enable continuous operation (except for BD 200, which is semi-automatic charge) over 24 hours, fed by a timer pump. Residual sludge must be entrusted to a specialized waste management company for disposal.

TypePlant incoming flow (Litres/hr)External dimensions LxWxH (cm)Weight (kg)
BD 200 AIRONEup to 200 L/hDiameter 80×220/80x70x200180/160
BD 400 AQUAFALLup to 400 L/hDiameter 80×220180
BD 750 AQUAFLOKup to 750 L/h120x80x189450
BD 1600 AQUAFALLup to 1600 L/h120x100x250630
BD 4000 AQUAMATIKup to 4000 L/h230x160x2901200

Custom plant solutions are designed for flows exceeding 4000 L/h.