Grey and industrialwater reuse

This purification system is installed in car wash services and industrial activities with the presence of surfactants in waste water process. It is also used for grey waters, coming from kitchens and showers. The purified water can be reused, in the industrial process, for watering gardens.

Grey and industrial water reuse

Process description

The system can be realized in various steps depending on the real needs of water reuse. The complete treatment:

PRE-TREATMENT The system includes a pre-treatment grit removal and oil removal for industrial wastewater. For residential wastewater the pre-treatment is grease separator plant.

OXYGENATION (Airwash) with plastic bodies inside. The system will activate the processes of aerobic degradation of organic matter and stripping of surfactants in the wastewater. This system is able to ensure effluent-free foams and odours, on the basis of the physical-chemical characteristics of the wastewater input. On the surface of the plastic bodies a bacterial population able of degrading the organic substance in arrival is created. The efficiency of the system and the purification efficiency depends strongly on the characteristics of the biodegradability of the wastewater input. This bacterial biofilm is kept alive by the air entering from the speakers placed on the bottom of the tank.

These speakers are powered by compressed air from a blower membrane placed outside the technical compartment. The membrane blowers are less prone to overheating and are less noisy than the side channels.

FILTRATION AND ABSORPTION in quartzite and activated carbon columns.

SECONDARY OXYGENATION in a tank with a pump for the reuse of the purified water.

Management and maintenance

The particular configuration of the plant favours speed and convenience of maintenance, thus limiting the costs of running the plant. It will be necessary to periodically check the presence of any surface sludge and sludge on the tank bottom, to facilitate speedy maintenance and to avoid compromising the quality of the effluent.

Products and technical features

The Airwash is constituted of a concrete tank (monolithic or modular depending on the requirements) on the bottom of which is positioned a perforated plate in plastic or stainless steel provided with legs which keep it raised from the bottom of the tank. Above this plate are distributed filling bodies in polypropylene. Centrally is installed a tube of a size suitable to carry out the extraction and the insertion of the speaker plate positioned on the bottom of the tank.