Rainwaterharvesting and reuse

The system includes tanks for storing roof runoff and filters for recycling the same for irrigation purposes or in the greywater system, for instance for washing machines or toilet flushing.

Rainwater harvesting and reuse

Process description

In detail, the treatment process consists of:

CATCH BASIN collecting all water from the gutters.

SIMPLE FILTRATION BASIN containing a filter for separating any rough particles present in incoming water and keep build up to a minimum in the collection tank.

STORAGE TANK with by-pass valve and float for moving away water exceeding maximum capacity, plus a pump of adequate power for the type of reuse to be performed.

FILTER PRESS BASIN (If applicable) for water to be reused in the greywater system.

Running and maintenance

Clean filters frequently, especially in autumn when it is more likely water contains foreign bodies.

Products and technical features

Tank size may vary considerably, and the product must be designed according to desired collection volume and type of reuse (irrigation only or reuse in the domestic water supply system).