The companyand its origins

After a long period spent in France as a builder, Francesco Boer founded his business in Pordenone in 1928: his handmade production started with granite tanks, sinks, steps for staircases, windowsills and concrete pipes.

Immediately after the war, extensive rebuilding work was required and above all there was a high demand for pipes given that, for the plumbing in buildings and for small-diameter sewage pipes, concrete pipes were essential.

At the beginning, things were tough and laden with hardship, but this man was particularly steadfast: he was meticulous in his dosing of cement, in finishing the edges of his pipes and tanks and in wetting the objects he produced in order to avoid cracks and increase their resilience.

His passion for his work earned him the recognition of his customers and the satisfaction of seeing his business grow.

In 1954, the first cement mixer arrived: while before the cement was mixed by hand with a shovel, consuming a great deal of time and energy, now the work would be quicker and in one day a worker would be able to produce around ten pipes.

In 1958, the company purchased its first tuyere, thus replacing the old “batidor”, at least for the manufacture of small pipes. Production increased notably and the company was able to win important contracts for municipal drainage systems.

In these years the family business continued to grow, thanks to the dedication and passion of Francesco and his relationship with his employees, which was based on mutual respect and quality workmanship.

In 1967, his son Mario qualified as a surveyor and began his career in the family business. His first contribution was to bring some technological innovations to the production process, automating a number moulds.

On September 17th 1971, the company moved to Via Stringher in Cordenons, occupying larger premises equipped with a hangar in which modern machinery was installed: this was the start of a period of innovative change, which, although requiring significant new investment, led to consistent business growth over a number of years.

Over the years, Mario acquired greater responsibility while the determination of his father, Francesco, saw him remain active in the company until the age of 94.

In the company’s first decade of trading, the type of products manufactured by the company remained largely unchanged. Later, in order to meet the needs of an increasingly diversified market, the company extended its product range to include Imhoff tanks, monolithic tanks, catch basins and oil removers.

In 1997 Mauro, Mario’s son, having qualified as a surveyor like his father, began working for the company with the aim of bringing the business up to date with changes in the construction industry: as well as production, the company today provides services to its customers, such as technical support, on-site consultancy and the possibility of producing customised products according to specific customer needs.

Market innovation and diversification were the driving forces that led to the foundation of Boer Depurazioni S.r.l. in 1988, now present throughout the country with a vast range of oil removal, water treatment and biological purification plants.

Thanks also to the contribution of daughter Elena, a biology graduate, the company can also design and manage the purification plants as well as provide biological and chemical analyses.

For many years now, Mario Boer has been the author of publications on the purification of civil and industrial discharge and conferences are periodically organised both on a national and regional level dealing with the issue of wastewater, often in collaboration with the relevant authorities who are in charge if issuing permits and certification.

Furthermore, Boer Depurazioni has also actively participated in the drafting of UNICHIM technical manuals on the treatment of wastewater originating from service stations and petrol stations, and is part of a work group coordinated by the University of Brescia for the optimisation of purification systems, another example of the Boer Group’s longstanding commitment to research and development.

Francesco Boer

Momentsto remember

  • In 1976, “Il Messaggero Economico Italiano” recognises the prestigious professional activities carried out by Francesco Boer and adds him to its roll of honour.
  • In 1983, the company patents machinery for lifting concrete pipes.
  • In 1985, the Unione Artigiani awards the company the Antica Bottega Artigiana diploma.

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