What are Cookies?

A cookie is a small pie of data sent from a server to a Web client (usually a browser), then sent back from the client to the server (without any modification) every time the client visits the same portion of the same web domain. In other words, they are the trackers that every visitor/user leaves while browsing a web page.

When “long term cookies” are used, these tracks are stored in the internal memory of the computer or of the mobile device. it is sufficient that the user visits a site once so that the system recognize him at every following visit.

“Session cookies”, instead, don’t store information persistently on the user’s computer or mobile device but delete them at the end of every browsing session.

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Why does this website use Cookies? uses cookies on its website to analyze the access to web pages, to customize information, contents and services and to provide visitors/users with quality, trust and security.

We remind you that almost all web browser are set by default to automatically accept cookie tracking.

In any case, visitors/users can modify the default setting of their browser. As already indicated, disabling or cancelling cookies may prevent the optimal use of some areas of the website

In any case, if visitors/users want to decide whether or not to accept cookies from time to time, they can set their browser so that it generates a notice every time a cookie is saved.

Types of Cookies used on this website:

Cookies used on this website comply with the guidelines of the International Chamber of Commerce concerning cookies categories. For detailed information, read below:

Category 1: “Strictly necessary” Cookies

These cookies are essential to enable the user to browse within the site and use all its features. Without these strictly necessary cookies we cannot provide the user with services and functions and even browsing on the website would not be that easy.

Category 2: “Performance” Cookies

Performance cookies, also known as analytics cookies, collect information about how visitors use the website allowing us to improve its functioning. For instance, performance cookies show which pages users visit more frequently, the website patterns of use and finally, they help to understand users’s difficulties while browsing the website.

Our website uses the service offered by Google Analytics in order to have a reliable and comprehensive statistical service about the use of the website. In order to grant, as accurately as possible, users’s privacy, in compliance with the guidelines of the Privacy Authority, we declare that we have performed IP anonymization (thus Google Analytics will anonymize visitor/user IP address as soon as possible during the data collection process).

Furthermore, the website operator has modified the setting of data sharing with Google Analytics, so Google will have to use the personal data registered through its service within the limits imposed by the website opeator and cannot share them with other websites.

As a result of above events, we inform the user that advertising options and data sharing with Google have not been activated and that Google Analytics has not been connected to any additional service: data processing is performed for statistic purposes and so, in accordance with the guidelines of the Privacy Authority, Analytics cookies have been equated to technical cookies and have been installed without the previous consent of the user.

The website operator does not use profiling cookies.

Category 3: “Functionality” Cookies

In some circumstances the website operator can use functionality cookies. Functionality cookies allow the website to remember the choices the user makes and/or the services requested, in order to provide enhanced and more personal features, such as adding a background to “Favourites” or customising a web page.

How to handle Cookies?

The user can decide whether or not to accept cookies on his computer; this website, however, works optimally if all typologies of cookies are activated. The user can check and modify cookies settings through the browser “Preferences”.

Here below it is possible to select the browser in use to have more information on how to modify cookies settings.

if you disable cookies, some functionalities of the website may be disabled too. Even if all the cookies are disabled, the browser will continue to store a small amount of information. This information is necessary for the website basic functionality.

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