Waste water released by plants whose processing cycle includes oil and grease (garages, body repair shops, car washes, etc.) can be treated by means of a gravity oil separator.

In this case waste water is directed into static decanters in which oil builds up on the surface; the clarified water can thus be discharged.

Such process is made up of the following stages:

  • Decantation and sludge separation: water is retained for the time needed for separating the settleable substances (sludge, soil, sand, etc.)
  • Oil separation: waste water is directed into a stilling tank in which oil can reach the surface and be removed by means of a mechanically adjustable overflow channel
  • Filtration through oil-absorbing panels or a coalesce filter: to further reduce outgoing oil concentration.
Oil separator BM1
Oil separator BM3
Oil separator BM10

Sizing criteria

Plants are sized according to water flow to be purified and to oily substance concentration and type carried by the same.

Running and maintenance

Oil separators are easy to maintain. Routine actions:

  • periodical oil overflow
  • sludge removal
  • disposal of collected oil

Products and technical features

BM series plants, whose inside is treated with specific anti-hydrocarbon resin, are fitted with an AISI 304 stainless steel adjustable-gradient oil extractor channel, with an oil discharge sluice valve and with inside polyethylene tubes.

Smaller models work with coalescer filters, while oil-absorbing water-repellent floating pads are recommended for heavier flows. Optional safety blanking plug and wireless E.O.I. oil detector, which can connect to a telephone line or to an optical or acoustic alarm.

BM Oil separators

TypePlant incoming flow (L/s)Exterior overall dim. (without cover) LxLRxH (cm)Cover thickness (cm)Weight of heaviest element (kg)
BM 1till 1 L/s185x100x90101800
BM 3 Full Optionaltill 3 L/s266x141x108163300
BM3 3 Specialtill 3 L/s266x141x108163300
BM 6from 3 to 6 L/s266x141x108 266x141x108 163500
BM 10from 6 to 10 L/s250×160204000
BM 20from 10 to 20 L/s250×235205500

Custom plant solutions are designed for flows exceeding 20 L/s.