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Boer Group

The constant attention to the highest quality, guaranteed by rigorous controls at all steps of production, and the efficiency of a prompt and professional service make BOER a qualified and reliable partner in any work of new construction or renovation.

Always up to date with market developments, BOER meet the different needs, from small to large construction site, with a wide range of products and solutions for the civil construction and in treatment of waste water.


CustomerPlace of InstallationCountryTypology
ABSSede di Cargnacco (UD)ItalyOil separators
ACHILLE FADALTI COSTRUZIONI SPASant’Andrea Barbarana (TV)ItalyOil separators
ACI ACTION SRLLucca (LU)ItalyOil separator plants and filtration on quartzite and activated carbon
ACI ACTION SRLPisa (PI)ItalyOil separator plants and filtration on quartzite and activated carbon
AMIA SPASede di Palermo (PA)ItalyChemical-physical plants
ANTONIO BASSO SPAPaese (TV)ItalyOil separators
ASTALDI SPARaccordo Autostradale Vicenza Est – OvestItalyOil separators
ASTALDI SPAPointe NoireCongoDesign of oil separator plants
BASE NATOAviano (PN)ItalyOil separators
BRUSSI COSTRUZIONI SRLMonfalcone (GO)ItalyOil separators
BRUSSI COSTRUZIONI SRLNervesa della Battaglia (TV)ItalyOil separators
CARRON CAV.ANGELO SPAMultisala Fiume Veneto (TV)ItalyOil separators
CARRON CAV.ANGELO SPACentro Commerciale Emisfero (PN)ItalyOil separators
CARRON CAV.ANGELO SPACasa di Riposo di San Daniele (UD)ItalyOil separators
CASENTINO SERVIZI SRLEcopiazzola Arezzo (AR)ItalyOil separators
CAVE ASFALTI DI DELL’AGNESE SRLIngresso Base Usaf Aviano (PN)ItalyOil separator plants and lifting stations
CIMOLAI SPAFriuli Venezia GiuliaItalyOil separator plants and chemical-physical plants
CO.GEI. SPAMonfalcone (GO)ItalyOil separators
CO-BA CONGLOMERATI BARBERINESI SRLBarberino del Mugello (FI)ItalyRain water treatment plants
COMUNE DI ARTA TERMEEcopiazzola Arta Terme (UD)ItalyOil separators
COMUNE DI BERTIOLOEcopiazzola Bertiolo (UD)ItalyOil separators
COMUNE DI BICINICCOEcopiazzola Bicinicco (UD)ItalyOil separators
COMUNE DI BRUGNERAEcopiazzola Brugnera (PN)ItalyOil separators
COMUNE DI BUDOIAEcopiazzola Budoia (PN)ItalyOil separators
COMUNE DI CAMINO AL TAGLIAMENTOEcopiazzola Camino al Tagliamento (UD)ItalyOil separators
COMUNE DI CANEVAEcopiazzola Caneva (PN)ItalyOil separators
COMUNE DI CORDENONSEcopiazzola Cordenons (PN)ItalyOil separators
COMUNE DI COSEANOEcopiazzola Coseano (UD)ItalyOil separators
COMUNE DI FAGAGNAEcopiazzola Fagagna (UD)ItalyOil separators
COMUNE DI FANNAEcopiazzola Fanna (PN)ItalyOil separators
COMUNE DI FONTANAFREDDAEcopiazzola Fontanafredda (PN)ItalyOil separators
COMUNE DI MAJANOEcopiazzola Majano (UD)ItalyRain water treatment plants
COMUNE DI MANSUÈEcopiazzola Mansuè (TV)ItalyOil separators
COMUNE DI MONTEREALEEcopiazzola Montereale (PN)ItalyOil separators
COMUNE DI NIMISEcopiazzola Nimis (UD)ItalyOil separators
COMUNE DI PRAMAGGIOREEcopiazzola Pramaggiore (VE)ItalyOil separators
COMUNE PRATA DI PORDENONEEcopiazzola Prata di Pordenone (PN)ItalyRain water treatment plants
COMUNE DI ROVEREDO IN PIANOEcopiazzola Roveredo in Piano (PN)ItalyOil separators
COMUNE DI S. MARIA LA LONGAEcopiazzola S. Maria La Longa (UD)ItalyOil separators
COMUNE DI SACILEEcopiazzola Sacile (PN)ItalyOil separators
COMUNE DI SESTO AL REGHENAEcopiazzola Sesto al Reghena (PN)ItalyOil separators
COMUNE DI SPILIMBERGOEcopiazzola Spilimbergo (PN)ItalyOil separators
COMUNE DI TALMASSONSEcopiazzola Tamlassons (UD)ItalyOil separators
COMUNE DI ZOPPOLAEcopiazzola Zoppola (PN)ItalyOil separators
CONSORTILE CASERMA PORDENONE SCARLQuestura di Pordenone (PN)ItalyOil separators
COSTRUZIONI TAIARIOL SRLScuole di Sacile (PN)ItalyActivated sludge plants
DANIELI & C. OFFICINE MECCANICHESede di Buttrio (UD)ItalyOil separator plants and chemical-physical plants
DELICARTA SPALucca (LU)ItalyOil separator BM6
EUROPADIESEL SRLTrento (TN)ItalyOil separator BM3
FERRIERE NORD SPAButtrio (UD)ItalyRain water treatment plants
FORNACI MANZANO SPAManzano (UD)ItalyOil separators
GENERAL BETON TRIVENETA SPAVarie SediItalyOil separators
GRUPPO SINA SPASedi ConcessionarieItalyOil separators
GRUPPO STABILA SPAIsola Vicentina (VI)ItalyOil separators
ICI SCO.COOP. A R.L.Gaslini Trieste (TS)ItalyOil separator plants and activated sludge plants
ICI SCO.COOP. A R.L.Centro Commerciale Meduna (PN)ItalyOil separator plants and activated sludge plants
ICI SCO.COOP. A R.L.Saf di Udine (UD)ItalyOil separator plants and activated sludge plants
ICI SCO.COOP. A R.L.Caserma VVFF Tarvisio (UD)ItalyOil separator plants and activated sludge plants
ICOP SPATrieste (TS)ItalyOil separators
INDUSTRIE ZANUSSIPordenone (PN)ItalyOil separators
JUROP SPASede Azzano Decimo (PN)ItalyChemical-physical plant
LUCAR SRLConcessionaria Toyota Tavagnacco (UD)ItalyOil separator BM3
MAZZI IMPRESA GENERALE COSTRUZIONITeatro Verdi Pordenone (PN)ItalyPrimary treatments
NARDI COSTRUZIONI SASCentro Commerciale SMEItalyActivated sludge plants
OFFICINA PERINI SNCSigna (FI)ItalyOil separator BM1 and filtration on quartzite and activated carbon
PAMA PREFABBRICATI SPASede Decathlon Fiume Veneto (PN)ItalyOil separators
PETES MAKINA SANAYI TICARET A.S.IstanbulTurkeyOil separators
PETES MAKINA SANAYI TICARET A.S.BakuAzerbaijanOil separators
PETROL LAVORI SRLTrieste (TS)ItalyOil separator BM3 and filtration on quartzite and activated carbon
PETROL SERVICE SRLBelluno (PN)ItalyRain water treatment plants and filtration on quartzite and activated carbon
PETROL SERVICE SRLDistributore CarbuaranteItalyActivated sludge plants
PEUGEOT ITALIA SPAFiliale di Roma (RM)ItalyOil separators and chemical-physical plants
PROTEGES SRLAlghero (TV)ItalyRain water treatment plants
RAECYCLA SCPAStabilimento di SiracusaItalyOil separators and chemical-physical plants
RECO COSTRUZIONI SRLNuova Sede Guarda di Finanza Pordenone (PN)ItalyOil separators
RIVA FIRE SPAILVA Taranto(TA)ItalyOil separators
RIVA FIRE SPAINNSE CILINDRI BRESCIA (BS)ItalyOil saparators and lifting stations
RIZZANI DE ECCHER SPASede di Pozzuolo del Friuli (UD)ItalyOil separators
ROTTAPHARM SPASede di Confienza (PV)ItalyChemical-physical plants
RYKO AUTOMATIC CAR WASH SYSTEMSofiaBulgariaChemical-physical plants
SINTESIS SPAForlì (FC)ItalyRain water treatment plants
SINTEXCAL SPARoma (RM)ItalyOil separators
SPAGNOL SRLCantieri VariItalyOil separators
STENGHELE FLLI SNC SS ESSOLavarone (TN)ItalyOil separators
TRENITALIA SPAVarie Sedi Roma (RM), Foligno (PG)ItalyChemical-physical plant
VALSIR SPAVestone (BS)ItalyOil separator BM3
VARVARITO LAVORI SRLPrato (FI)ItalySedimentation treatment
VIDONI SPACantieri VariItalyOil separators
ZANINI ANTONIOEcopiazzola Aviano (PN)ItalyRain water treatment plants
Certificato ICIC UNI EN ISO 9001

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