Oil Separatorsfor Covered parking lots

This type of systems is used for intercepting any oily residue released from vehicles driving through covered parking lots or parked in the same.

Oil separation can reach 98% and is strictly bound to the quality of incoming water. Outgoing water must undergo regular chemical tests to assess quality.

Oil separators for covered parking lots

Sizing criteria

Sizing is based on incoming flow, also considering (if applicable) floor cleaning not carried out with cleaner-drier machines.

Running and maintenance

Oil separators only require simple maintenance: it is sufficient to remove settled sludge and recover and dispose of oil build-up. It is recommended to clean the coalescer filter regularly.

Products and technical features

The system is constituted of one reinforced concrete monolithic element, with inside diam. cm 100 x 100h (single-unit weight kg 900) or diam. cm 150 x 100h (single-unit weight kg 1200) divided into three adequately sized inside chambers:

  • in the first chamber, heavy substances (sand, soil, etc) settle and separate. Oil separates from water as well
  • the second chamber is designed to hold a coalescer filter panel
  • the third chamber is used for temporary storage of oily substances, which flow in through a ball valve from the extraction tube

Walkable or heavy duty steel plate cover (optional).